Singin' in the Rain

Singin' in the Rain ★★★★★

My birthday episode for the Cineflek podcast is out now!!

For my birthday episode (it is finally my pick) I had to return to one of my all-time feel good films. This one just brings me back into a better place every time I see it.

While many of the glossy MGM musicals go by the same formula as this film, what makes this stand out is the earnestness of the characters and the spectacular sequences and songs. It comes together in a spectacle that feels more like 40 minutes than an 1:40.

Gene Kelly headlines this and it's impossible not to have fun watching him dance. He is extremely athletic and rehearsed these moves so painstakingly that he is able to toss them off with a smile as if they're nothing. The idea of smiling while working out is way too much for me.

. . .

I hope you enjoy this one! Had a great time recording with Claira and Paige.

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