Skyfall ★★★★½

I feel comfortable saying this is the best-made James Bond film.

Between Mendes' directing and Deakins' cinematography (oh my god) it is from start to finish masterfully crafted. While it may not be my favorite Bond story, the set pieces are some of the best of the best. Mendes, who up until this point was known for drama, really gets how to shoot action here, and the Judi Dench monologue intercut with the subway chase put me on the edge of my seat.

This movie suffers slightly from not having a memorable "Bond girl", though it does allow M to take a more central stage. Judi Dench added so much to that character over the course of her run, taking M from a figurehead and plot device, to a flushed out person who cares for Bond on a personal level.

It's much more serious than past Bonds, which I appreciate over the awful puns of the Roger Moore era, but I would appreciate it if they brought back some playfulness that made the Connery Bonds so fun.

Really taken aback by this one, as I hadn't seen it since it came out. Absolutely incredible entry in the franchise.

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