The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★★★

First of all, I would gladly eat Mrs. Russel's fried chicken livers!

God I didn't think I could hate Robert Pattinson this much!

The Devil All The Time is a clunky title for a very gripping movie I am surprised isn't garnering more buzz around awards season. I found the performances especially impressive from Holland and Pattinson. Pattinson does something with his voice I've never heard from him, he seems to alter the register completely, on top of doing an excellent accent. Tom Holland is demonstrating more range than we've seen from him thus far, in his first meaty role since he took on Spiderman. There is a scene between them in the church that might be the best acting I've seen this year.

This film does not paint religion in a flattering light, or at least the religious, who often use it to mask their own moral downfalls. Its central characters are all sinners, and those who aren't are made to suffer. I found the omniscient voiceover extremely effective when handling a very religious film. Seeing someone die and then knowing their thoughts right before or during is extremely unnerving.

I have nothing but praise for this intense and unsettling film, I look forward to checking out more of Antonio Campos' work.

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