WandaVision ★★★★

A really creative Marvel project that got progressively worse as it got more Marvel-y.

I got less interested in the show as they got into the more modern sitcom parodies and as they began to have more traditional superhero moments. Still Kathryn Hahn did a great job in her role, I'm glad to see her in such a central role (I was really hoping Fred Melamed would play a key role in the show as it went along as well).

Still, I thought this show had a lot going for it. It dealt with grief, it had twists and turns were alluring, creating a much more layered story than Marvel has built in the past. It does seem that Marvel is creating projects mostly for people who are caught up on the MCU. This makes sense as they want to draw people back, but as someone who hasn't seen every MCU project, many references are lost on me.

The MCU having access to TV hopefully lets them greenlight more projects like this that don't have to be tentpole releases in theaters.

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