A Star Is Born ★★★

Before anyone gets offended with my rating remember this... we all see movies with our own two eyes and experience different things. 
I have my own personal taste, I like what I like... A STAR IS BORN I’ll admit isn’t my type of movie that I’m eager to see, hence why I’m only getting around to it now.
There’s no denying both Cooper (who before Sam Elliot turned up I was thinking in my head he was doing a Sam Elliot impersonation) and Lady Gaga deliver solid performances.
Saying that, I felt their love story was far too rushed at the beginning and the story moved so fast whilst the movie felt really slow... contradictory I know. 
To many, this movie is something special so I don’t want to shit on that because like I said this isn’t my type of movie. I appreciate it was a well made movie from a technical aspect. The singing was great too. 
But definitely a one time watch for me.