Perfect Blue ★★★★½

Perfect Blue is a phenomenal film. I’m not very familiar with animes having only seen the Pokémon series during my youth and two studio Ghibli films (Spirited Away, Grave of the Fireflies) before. Due to the upcoming voting window of Michael’s FFotW featuring a non-Studio Ghibli anime special (suggested by William Karlsson and enthusiastically embraced by george) I decided to dive into the world of Satoshi Kon (two of his films were recommended to me independently on my recommendations list so I saw this as the perfect opportunity to watch these).

And I was in awe and shock after having watched Perfect Blue. It messes with your mind and perception, it is a raw and powerful look at the search of identity, standing up for ones decision and fighting for a dream but also shows you the negative aspects and hurtful and stressing experiences that can come with a clear cut in your life. I thought this would play out as your usual creepy stalker film from a voyeuristic, male gaze point of view but it definitely didn’t. Of course it contains these elements to a certain degree but they are kept to a minimum. It’s a timelessly disturbing look at idolisation and fame. And Kon even tackled cyber bullying before the Internet and online presence were even a thing that’s so impressive. I’m looking forward to check out his remaining three features, hopefully all this week.

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