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  • Evolution of a Filipino Family

    Evolution of a Filipino Family


    The past as a phantom limb, statues that move, insects as royalty. Lav Diaz's staggering epic functions in a mode of freedom in aesthetics and narrative, drawing upon a framework that seeks to reconstruct itself throughout its long runtime (~10.5 hrs). In the film, darkness threatens to engulf the frame and bleached out light approaches total whiteness and Diaz switches without fuss between video and film, while integrating in archival footage and interviews naturally both into the narrative and the…

  • s01e03



    it can be strange to call a film inviting, but in spite of not sharing the same digital or online-->IRL references/experiences as the filmmaker(s), i felt welcomed, way before the ending, not merely into an inquiry of the strange non-boundaries of internet and reality, but also into certain moods, vibes, mindscapes, and the consideration of what the images of the future could be...and perhaps, most of all, this allowed me to experience for one hour calm contemplation rather than my usual overthought anxiety; how lovely is that?