Dog Day Afternoon

Dog Day Afternoon ★★★

I wouldn’t really call this a ‘thriller’. It’s more of a drama I’d say. Other Sidney Lumet movies use thrilling concepts to examine society. “12 Angry Men” is a legendary courtroom drama that explores the cracks in our criminal justice system, and all the bias inherent to it. “Network” uses an takes media corruption to absurd extremes to caution us about the dangers our media represents. Similarly, “Dog Day Afternoon” puts us in the middle of a bank heist and goes on to bring the issues faced by homosexuals to the forefront. Society has become disillusioned, and is even siding with criminals, while viewing the cops as murderers due to their brutality.

In that respect, “Dog Day Afternoon” is unmistakably a Lumet film. However, while it perfectly manages to create constant tension, it is simply lacking in the moments of awe that make a thriller great. “12 angry men” balances its message with the constant awe that it induces with its courtroom scenes. I felt that “Dog Day Afternoon” still had some holes left in exploring what it had to say. Nevertheless, it was great!

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