Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds

Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds ★★★

The first part of the Along with the Gods is everything the audience want. This fantasy adventure flick offers just the kind of tearjerking drama Korea loves so much. Along with the Gods is an afterlife fantasy epic, by the words, they did some justice to the world epic. The fantasy elements played a crucial role in the development. Along with the Gods tries to work some profound themes into its story, at least that's what we believe, but you are left behind disappointed at the surface of what the movie could have been.

As a fantasy flick Along with the Gods really knows how to score. The sets are inventive and nice to look at, even though the film clearly has been shot in front of a green screen most of the time. The slightly artificial look of the CGI fits hell pretty well, though, since no one really knows hows it looks like in reality. Still, as soon as the effects interact with the actors or are implemented into reality it becomes apparent that they could have been carried out better. Director Kim was clearly overambitious and can't adapt all of his ideas appealingly enough. His picture still looks epic, though, and some scenes remind you of a well-animated video game.

A movie about family and forgiveness which is very ambitious, but ultimately fails to work with its motives on a profound level. Sadly not the masterpiece it could have been, Along with the Gods still makes up for some neat entertainment.


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