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This review may contain spoilers.

I’ve finally seen this trilogy. So first off, I wasn’t expecting this movie it to start with Jesse and Céline together. I never watched any trailers for these movies so I went into all of them with no prior knowledge of the plot. I think of the 3 movies, this one was my least favorite one and I think that’s mostly because it made me kinda sad. The first movie felt like a total romance, the 2nd one felt too good to be true, and this one was the most like reality. So it’s not that I liked it less because it was a bad movie, it was just simply the most real of the 3 and that was sad to me!

But I don’t want to get the idea across that I didn’t like this one because it still had the long walks, great dialogue, and romantic sparks that the first 2 had. I also loved the scenery of Greece (but to be fair every movie in this trilogy just has amazing scenery). 

Loved the ending to this one as well. Yes there’s a fighting, and it’s hard seeing this couple we’ve fallen in love with fight, but they get through it. They’re working hard. I’m not married, and I don’t know when I will be, but I imagine this will be what it’s like. I’ll be interested to see how it compares!

Sorry this is probably getting personal and weird. The trilogy as a whole was great. I’m really glad I’ve seen these movies. I honestly already want to rewatch the first 2! 😹 If I were to rank them:
3. Before Midnight
2. Before Sunrise
1. Before Sunset
But 1 and 2 are practically tied. Anyways thank you for reading this long review. I’m gonna go watch Bernie.

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