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  • The Matrix Resurrections

    The Matrix Resurrections


    HBO MAX 4K Streaming

    I really don't have any issues with what Lana Wachowski choose to do here. She is the creator along with sister Lilly (who choose to sit this one out) Lana decided with her creative voice choose to share a very personal take on this current industry, reboot, remakes, while still doing her job and creating a world for Neo and Trinity to find each other again pretty much on her terms. I don't feel this film…

  • House of Gucci

    House of Gucci


    Dolby Cinema Screening

    I hate to say this might be the disappointment of the year for me as I did have some high expectations given the cast and Ridley Scott.

    Craft wise its stunning. From Cinematography, Production, Art, Costume were all first class but this completely falls apart in editing and a very poor screenplay and for a story like this that's the life blood to almost every drama to be a success (don't mean just box office). It's too…

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  • The English Patient

    The English Patient


    Blu-Ray disc from my Library

    25 years later since it's premiere, it's been the last "David Lean-ish" romance epic put to film from a book that was said to be unadaptable but Anthony Minghella (rest in peace) was able to pull off the miracle and created in my personal opinion a masterpiece, perfect film!

    You'd think after time my feeling would change as I get older but even today when I first saw this at the age of twenty and…

  • Don't Look Up

    Don't Look Up


    Netflix 4K Streaming Dolby Atmos

    I don't think the star level of this cast was really needed for this satire to sell it where films like "in the loop" and "Wag the dog" I felt were better at their satire. The screenplay and Mckay's direction does hit on many points...many, many points and maybe too many after that and it just tosses them at you thinking maybe one will stick. I did enjoy myself but I didn't feel I really needed this to convince me of anything I didn't already know

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  • Black Widow

    Black Widow


    Disney Plus Streaming

    Just a little background before my review...

    So my last venture into the MCU was Endgame and from that point I thought it would be the best time to drop out of it entirely. Definitely no regrets on that choice. At some point you should realize eating at McDonalds is bad for you and well I have just outgrown this franchise as it really lost me after "Winter Soldier" which was the best film of the franchise…

  • Pieces of a Woman

    Pieces of a Woman


    Netflix Streaming

    That's quite the opening to this drama. However, the "one shot" is having that watered down taste to it now but Vanessa Kirby just owns the camera. Her performance is simply incredible and the centerpiece of this story.

    Director Kornél Mundruczó and his cinematographer captured a solid film. Kata Wéber script is very raw and honest. There's an exchange between Kirby and the amazing Ellen Burstyn that is written perfectly and they both just knock it out of…