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I've referred to Astronaut Ice Cream as "Space Food" from a very young age

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  • Nosferatu



    My first viewing of the 2006 restored version. All other viewings were of the untinted B&W with the too-fast speed that ran 63min. I can't believe I prefer the less polished, incorrectly calibrated version, but I do.

    The restored version looks amazing. The images have never looked this crisp or this clear. However, not only is the ideal length for this film 60 minutes (at 90, it's pushing it), but the score chosen for this particular version is a mismatched…

  • Dracula



    Watched with Summer

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  • Pumpkin



    Or, Character Arc: The Movie. (Okay, the smugness is out of the way). Joking aside, Pumpkin defies something that obvious. It's like an after school special played as satire. It's like a teen flick bathed in the attention to detail and sensibility usually reserved for Merchant and Ivory. It's like Beauty and the Beast with no agenda. It's like a movie Todd Solondz might make if he'd grow the hell up. It's like, surprisingly remarkable.

    What sets Pumpkin so daringly…

  • Punch-Drunk Love

    Punch-Drunk Love


    With every passing year, this film seems more and more special - and more and more rare.