Lawrence of Arabia

Lawrence of Arabia ★★★★★

Big Things have Small Beginnings…..

For Cnyborg because I may have borrowed something he has said.

A very profound, emotionally, and epic grand adventure. There’s just something about movies that contain a story about a stranger that roams into stranger places. And this movie does it really well. Of course there are others that do this story really well, like Star Wars, Dune, and probably some others I can’t think of. 

If there’s one other thing, it’s that, A Stranger can become something more when being lured to a place filled with sand!! SAND!!!! Why is it SAND!! Star Wars has sand, where the main character grows up on. Dune has someone lured to it, same as this movie. Why is it that Sand is just really interesting to some people. Like I don’t get it. Do they find it as something that would be cool to give a religious aspect to it, along with a compelling story like this?

This movie, is awesome on the other hand. The Score, the cinematography, the acting. It’s just so big on a scale compared to other classics I have watched, a lot you could talk about. But that’s for another time. 

Now that I’ve watched this. I have some catching up on BCS now, before the watch party, so this is my farewell until I see NOPE with my family!!! Peace Out!! ☮️ ✌🏻 

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