Dolemite Is My Name ★★★½

Brimming with dynamic energy, unbridled passion & enormous heart, Dolemite Is My Name is a brash, brazen & crudely humoured biopic that chronicles Rudy Ray Moore's ridiculous journey from a struggling artist to a pop culture icon, and is led by a dynamite performance from Eddie Murphy who returns to the screen in style.

Directed by Craig Brewer, the film paints an intriguing portrait of the real-life figure who decided to script his own legacy all by himself, and never for once loses sight of his humanity while depicting his rise to fame & stardom. Brewer's slick direction keeps the fun, flavourful aura alive at all times, and makes sure the story is true to Moore's spirit.

The aptly detailed set pieces & colourful costumes help recreate the 1970s setting quite convincingly. And then there is Eddie Murphy's spectacular input that almost single-handedly steers the film past the finish line. He is well supported by the rest of the cast but in the end, it is Murphy's wonderfully balanced rendition that leaves the most lasting impression.

Overall, Dolemite Is My Name is an honest, welcome tribute to Rudy Ray Moore's signature persona, and makes for an unabashedly hilarious comedy with a beating heart & soul. The film says what it wants to say, and does exactly what it set out to do, all without sugarcoating anything, and is one of the most delightful surprises of 2019. Definitely worth a shot.

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