Enola Holmes ★★★

Bubbling with an unbridled energy, showcasing an untapped potential & radiating an exuberant warmth, Enola Holmes is an effervescent & entertaining delight that starts with plenty of promise and is wonderfully led by Millie Bobby Brown's lively showcase but the longer it goes on, the more derivative & predictable it becomes.

Directed by Harry Bradbeer, the story exudes an enthusiasm & excitement that's evident when embarking on a new adventure and does rather well to familiarise us with the titular character whose zeal & vibrance has an infectious quality to it. But the event that sets this plot into motion doesn't have much going for it, and fails to keep us invested in the case.

The period detailing & costumes do catch the eye but the mystery that's awaiting to be solved doesn't deliver the desired payoff and feels underwhelming. Brown's ebullient presence & sparkling performance does make the ride somewhat breezy while Henry Cavill turns out to be an inspired choice for Sherlock Holmes. Rest do their part but it is Brown who leaves the most lasting impression.

Overall, Enola Holmes makes for a perfectly pleasant & lighthearted mystery film but given the refreshing vibe & propitious setup of the opening act, perhaps a bit more was expected from it. Still, for what it's worth, the film never loses its sense of fun and provides a good enough base for it to serve as a franchise starter. Airy, amusing & appealing in its own ways, Enola Holmes stumbles along the path but makes it past the finish line in the end.

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