Frances Ha

Frances Ha ★★★★½

How do you review a film that paints the very picture of your own life & puts it up on the screen for the entire world to take a look at & reflect upon? There will be many people who will find nothing appealing about it but for a few, this film will strike a completely different chord and might become something special for them.

Elegantly crafted by director Noah Baumbach, who co-wrote the script with actress Greta Gerwig who plays the titular character, Frances Ha is one of the most delightful surprises of last year that's beautifully directed, brilliantly written & expertly executed on the screen. The film boasts remarkable sense of humour, intriguing set of characters, and captures a slice of life in a highly relatable manner.

However, the heart & soul of this movie is of course Greta Gerwig, who is absolutely adorable as the undateable Frances and ends up delivering an endearing performance that single-handedly elevates the film and is also solely responsible for the warm, fizzy feeling this indie provides.

On an overall scale, Frances Ha is an immensely satisfying comedy that handles the complex issues of friendship & life in a light-hearted but captivating fashion. The picture brims with immense sweetness & charm, deserves a broader viewership, and is surprisingly impressive enough to rank amongst my top films of its year.

It kept a smile on my face from start to finish and I hope it does the same to you. Don't miss it.

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