Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★★★

An antidote to hate, prejudice & fearmongering that's on the rise around the world of lately, Jojo Rabbit takes a provocative subject matter, fills it up with heart, soul & compassion, and exquisitely juggles the hilarious with the serious to surprise us all as one of the most delightful, affectionate & endearing films of the year.

Written & directed by Taika Waititi (What We Do in the Shadows, Hunt for the Wilderpeople & Thor: Ragnarok), the film is an audaciously handled satire that blatantly parodies everything Nazi, and attempts to capture the utter absurdity of such ideologies by illustrating it all from a 10-year old's perspective.

The lighthearted approach, simple-minded treatment & idiosyncratic characters inhabiting this black comedy do keep the fanciful tone alive n kicking but Waititi also makes sure that an undercurrent of seriousness is evident between the lines, and the dramatic portions & dark moments do pack the required emotional punch.

Adding more richness to the story is the sincere inputs from both the young & veteran members of the cast, each playing their roles with emotional honesty. Waititi himself portrays the childish, parodic version of Führer, and is amusing throughout. The interactions between characters remain interesting, plus their arcs exhibit genuine depth.

On an overall scale, Jojo Rabbit is a witty, whimsical & warm-hearted effort from Taika Waititi that finds the Kiwi filmmaker doing what he does best, and is another impressive addition to his repertoire. A passionately crafted satire with its heart at the right place, Jojo Rabbit might not appease every viewer's palate but its arrival is by all means a welcome one. Definitely recommended.

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