Moebius ★★★

And I thought Pietà was disturbing! However, the 19th film by director Kim Ki-duk truly brings on screen something that reaffirms his reputation as one of world cinema's highly controversial directors. One of the most uncomfortably hilarious films I ever sat through, Moebius tells the story of a destructive family in which the husband is having an extra-marital affair, the wife is jealous plus angry about it, and their son who ends up paying the price for his father's acts.

Written & directed by Kim Ki-duk who really has a weirdly disturbing sense of humour, the film has no dialogues throughout its runtime & even music is absent except for the final moments. There are lots of moments of hilarity in the film but it comes with a price that not everyone will be willing to pay. The story begins on an extreme note but never really settles down for a bit plus it will have you screaming "what the fuck" every few minutes.

On an overall scale, Moebius presents its notorious director going way too far with the subject matter than he did with his last feature and although as pretentious it may look, it really won't be easy to get it out of your head once you've seen it. Infused with Buddhist symbolisms that completely went over my head, Moebius is an emotionally scarring cinematic experience that'll find you laughing while your eyes bleed.

Watch it at your own risk & remember what you're going in for. You've been warned.

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