Parasite ★★★★½

A masterwork of first-rate storytelling that presents distinguished filmmaker Bong Joon-ho at the apex of his craft, Parasite is a tale of two families at extreme ends of class spectrum and the chain of events that are set into motion when their paths collide. Crafted with vigour & told with confidence, the film offers a cleverly layered & defiantly eclectic extravaganza that will have you laughing at one moment & then questioning that laughter the next.

By playing with contrasting elements of different genres and introducing sudden mood shifts, Bong Joon-ho takes the viewers through a whirlwind of emotions and delivers a high-quality cinema that brims with his own brand of storytelling yet will manage to resonate with most, if not all. The technical elements work in tandem with the script to further uplift the viewing experience while rich, compelling inputs from the entire cast only solidifies our investment in this roller-coaster ride.

A biting take on the socio-economic state of modern South Korea that also takes a jab at late capitalism, this black comedy thriller benefits a lot from its gripping premise, full-fledged characters, unpredictable twists & excellent performances to finish as possibly the best all-round film of 2019. A hilarious, heartbreaking, tragic, suspenseful, bleak, thrilling, urgent & timely essay on the class divide, Parasite is perhaps Bong Joon-ho's most mature & accomplished work to date. Go in as blind as possible.

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