Ready or Not

Ready or Not ★★★★

Refreshingly original, riotously fun & ridiculously entertaining, Ready or Not is a slick, sly & subversive delight that packs a ludicrous premise yet implements it with such flair & finesse that it is one of the best surprises to surface in cinemas this year. Wild & wicked from start to finish, the film is all the more bolstered by a star-making turn from Samara Weaving.

Directed by a collective trio of filmmakers known as Radio Silence, the set-up is quick, the fundamentals are illustrated with clarity, and once the main plot kicks in, the directors steadily up the ante and cleverly balance the extreme with the grounded to make sure that the cinematic ride isn't just tense & thrilling but also fun & amusing throughout its runtime.

Apart from the intelligently written script, this gnarly survival horror also benefits from its aptly processed colour grading, dark & delirious ambience, sumptuous set pieces, sharp editing, brisk pace, pulsating score, costume design and clever mix of dark humour & thrills. Coming to performances, Samara Weaving is a revelation in her role, and renders her character's overwhelming feelings with both authenticity & precision.

On an overall scale, Ready or Not deftly merges horror, humour & cultural critique into one sharp, stylish & scintillating horror-comedy that scores high on all fronts. A vicious, vivid & vigorous blend of You're Next & Get Out that makes the most of available resources to deliver a cinematic experience that's an absolute blast from the first frame to the last, this indie horror-comedy is one of the most enjoyable & entertaining examples of its genre(s).

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