Sunset Boulevard ★★★★

A satirical conflict between the two eras of cinema, an observation of the best & worst the film industry has in store for everyone, and a remarkable study of one of the most idiosyncratic movie characters you'll ever see, Billy Wilder's Sunset Boulevard is a tribute, & at the same time, a criticism of Hollywood film industry and is arguably the finest film of his illustrious filmmaking career.

The film stars Gloria Swanson in a career-defining role of Norma Desmond; a silent queen whose stardom vanished ages ago but remains alive in her delusional mind, and William Holden as Joe Gillis; a struggling writer narrating us the tale of his demise & how it's connected with Norma. Swanson's performance is unforgettable here as she seamlessly immerses into her given role & plays Norma with such flawless finesse that it overshadowed almost every other aspect of this film.

Nicely directed & brilliantly written by Wilder with many moments of sadness & wit cleverly glued together, Sunset Boulevard paints a remarkable yet pitiful portrait of a bygone actress living in a world of her own and is an immensely entertaining & hugely rewarding cinema about Hollywood that culminates with a much more tragic finish than expected by etching Norma Desmond's final shot into our minds for it to haunt us forever. A classic noir drama.

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