The Fly

The Fly ★★★★½

A clever example of science-fiction & an unsettling work of horror, The Fly tells the story of Seth Brundle, a brilliant but eccentric scientist who is on the brink of a revolutionary breakthrough as his teleportation machine is near completion. Earlier only able to teleport inanimate objects, he finally is able to send through living things from one pod to another. But while he is testing the machine on himself, a housefly manages to enter the pod and what comes out from the other pod after successful teleportation isn't just Brundle.

This is the first film by David Cronenberg that I've seen so had no idea what to expect. And as it ended, I was left absolutely astounded. Cronenberg's direction is top-notch throughout and the manner in which he unfolds & progresses the plot from start to finish only solidifies our investment in the story. The screenplay is very much focused on Brundle and thanks to Jeff Goldblum's great performance, we are able to connect with his character way before his accident because of which his arc feels less appalling & far more tragic.

The performances by Geena Davis & John Getz are no slouch either but this is Jeff Goldblum's show all the way. Cinematography & editing play their part but it's the make-up & special effects department that deserve the most applause for their equally shocking & impressive design of the creature & Brundle's gradual transformation. Lastly, the score by Howard Shore leaves no stone unturned in turning it into a potential nightmare.

On an overall scale, The Fly is one of the best films of its genre that even today remains as disturbing an experience as it was during its time of release. A must for fans of horror, a must for fans of science-fiction, a must for fans of David Cronenberg, and a must for anyone who is looking for a cinematic ride that would make them skip meals for a day or two, The Fly comes highly recommended. Turns out that the makers of this film truly meant it when they put out the tagline: "Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid."

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