The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse ★★★★

Do it once, it's a fluke but do it twice and it becomes something else. After watching The Lighthouse, I'm pretty sure there is no contemporary filmmaker doing a better job than Robert Eggers when it comes to recreating a specific time period on film canvas. One amongst the three gifted young visionaries of today who are elevating the genre of horror one film at a time, there is no denying that both Jordan Peele & Ari Aster are masters of their craft but Robert Eggers is operating on a whole another level. Where Peele & Aster films are subverting the genre, Eggers' films are truly pushing the art form into uncharted realms.

Having already earned the endorsement of the Satanic Temple with his directorial debut, a diabolical masterpiece that's destined to rank amongst the greatest works of 21st century cinema in the years to come, Robert Eggers returns with a haunting, surreal & deliriously dark fable that establishes him as a horror auteur with an unmatched vision & unrivalled craftsmanship. The Lighthouse is a chthonic nightmare that emerges from the darkest depths of the abyss to envelop our senses in a fever that refuses to let go. A wicked blend of precise direction, uncanny writing, eerie camerawork, unsettling score & phenomenal performances, Eggers' sophomore feature is yet another masterful showcase of his exceptional skillset.

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