Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok ★★★★

The 3rd chapter in the Thor trilogy and 17th instalment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe isn't just the best film to star the God of Thunder but is also one of Marvel Studios' funniest entries to date. An absolute riot from start to finish that's amusing, entertaining & satisfying in more ways than one, Thor: Ragnarok is a big-budget extravaganza that's equal parts hilarious, heartfelt & hypnotic.

The story follows the Thor after he loses his precious hammer at the hands of a new threat and finds himself on a marooned planet where he is imprisoned & enlisted in a gladiatorial contest against his former ally, the Hulk. With limited time on his hands, Thor must find a way to escape his captivity, and prevent the all-powerful Hela from destroying Asgard & its civilisation.

Directed by Taika Waititi (known for What We Do in the Shadows & Hunt for the Wilderpeople), his latest does follow the blueprint that Marvel Studios implements for most of its features but it is a Waititi film right down to the bone. Infused with a playful vibe, doused with Kiwi humour & keeping its light-hearted tone alive, the film also brims with a vibrant feel, reinvigorated tone & a sense of joy that its predecessors lacked.

There is a whole lot of dismantling & rebuilding that goes on in Thor: Ragnarok, and it's apparent in both the storytelling & technical aspects. Its visual aesthetic is quite different, the characters are given an idiosyncratic side, the world we are introduced to has an oddball vibe to it, and everything about it feels fresh, new & exciting. Camerawork is energetic, Editing is smooth, VFX is seamless, its synth score works in tandem with unfolding events & Led Zeppelin's Immigrant Song is used to perfection.

Coming to the performances, the entire cast approaches their roles from a fresh perspective, and it is evident in their performance that they all had a blast this time. Chris Hemsworth leads the pack from the front but Tom Hiddleston, Mark Ruffalo, Cate Blanchett, Anthony Hopkins & Idris Elba do leave their marks too. Jeff Goldblum is an absolute gift and steals all his scenes yet the breakout character is Korg, who is brought to life by Waititi himself.

On an overall scale, Thor: Ragnarok is everything one expects from a Taika Waititi film, and is one of the funniest films of the year. A colourful blend of assured direction, clever writing, radiant photography, slick editing, swift pace, groovy soundtrack & wonderful performances, it is right up there with the finest entries in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and is absolutely worth your time & money. A roller-coaster ride that promises loads of fun & effortlessly delivers it, Thor: Ragnarok is a fresh, thrilling & endlessly fascinating cosmic delight. Do not miss it.

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