Us ★★★½

Now here is a filmmaker who’s thinking out of the box, doing things no one else is doing, experimenting with ideas nobody is even imagining, and changing the genre landscape with one film at a time. After dazzling the world with his immaculately crafted directorial debut, Jordan Peele returns with another cleverly layered & deftly calculated horror-thriller that’s original, ambitious & audacious.

A work of ingenuity sprinkled with elements of social satire, Us finds Peele tackling with even more brazen notions addressing American past, American class & American privilege. There isn't a moment that feels out of place and every piece of the puzzle fits in retrospect. However, there are too many ideas he juggles with here and is unable to integrate them all in a cohesive fashion.

The execution of technical aspects is still top-notch. Cinematography instils a foreboding aura with its inventive camera angles, apt lighting & controlled manoeuvring. Editing steadily unravels the terror. Michael Abels' score is immaculate. And performances are excellent, with Lupita Nyong'o stealing the show with an outstanding input. The final act, however, does feel drawn out and isn't as rewarding as his last film.

On an overall scale, Us is equal parts amusing, terrifying & insightful, and is an impressive sophomore effort from Jordan Peele. The film has the gradually escalating sense of danger and an atmosphere that reeks of tension but the balance Peele maintains between moments of full-fledged horror & flat-out comedy is where his strength lies as a storyteller. As thoughtful as it is entertaining, Us is undeniably amongst the better films of 2019.

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