Dunkirk ★★★★★

(IMAX 70mm)

Dunkirk manages so much so candidly, the momentum of emotion and range of desperation, anger, relief, exhaustion. You can fill a film with meaningless words, but pure and honest acting stretches further, it’s what you’re seeing it speaks for itself.

There was no glorifying of the violence, no single enemy for us to despise, the war was never about fighting one particular individual, it was a faceless enemy, just around the corner, behind a cloud and wave. The non-linear narrative adds to this tension, not quite being able to take a breath, because it never stopped, ultimately, something was always happening, there was something else coming. The non-visible enemy, coming but never seen. Dunkirk honours the people who survived, that itself is a victory, and made a visceral tension -ticktickticktick - from every aspect, sense. That’s why it’s a masterpiece.

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