The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre ★★★

It’s a short, spooky, campy, fun horror film… and not much more. Some of the gruesome imagery is genuinely horrific and I love the way Leatherface’s first appearance and kill are presented, and the film is a tightly wound suspense piece - but it ultimately leaves little to nothing to chew on on any kind of deeper level for me. Additionally, dumb moments plague the film quite a bit (worst example being Sally straight up screaming in a dark forest right after Leatherface loses her trace) and personally leatherface is just not a wholly threatening presence for me as much as is the situation that prevails in the film. That ending IS spectacular though and deserving of its praise. 

(I will also say while I am aware this film didn’t pioneer the trope but merely promoted it, the abundant cruelty against women and female suffering in grindhouse horror has gotten SOOO tiring, especially after watching a few too many of these examples this year. Hooray for more women protagonists, Nay for them being subjects of physical violence and sexual humiliation)

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