The Worst Person in the World

The Worst Person in the World ★★★★

say what u want about her but dis bitch definitely got a type 

A film that I almost maybe reluctantly fell in love with Trier’s newest and final installment in his Oslo trilogy ponders on similar thematics of a fleeting youth and taking on immense and terrifying responsibility, aptly mixing some of the frenetic energy and narration of Reprise with the maturity and sincerity of Oslo 31st August. The result should be by logic my favorite in the trilogy, but unfortunately this one constantly fell just short of loving it. It is still an amazing film that I will undoubtedly revisit (maybe even before the year ends), but the events of Reprise really didn’t work for me here and unfortunately much of the film relies on commonplace platitudes and tropes that dragged a lot of the film down significantly (which also is as a shock for me as Oslo strayed away from any such tropes).

Still, the performances and directing more than make up for it. Theres a lot of scenes here that are exciting, exhilarating and hilarious - particular highlights for me are the hallucination scene and Aksel air-drumming. Rebate Reinsve is amazing in the titular role but it’s Anders Danielsen Lie who really fucking steals the show; what an immense talent. The dialogue is pretty fantastic, though often a little too faux-naturále for my tastes. Character writing is pretty incredible, with Julie being a profoundly layered, interesting and relatable character. 

Overall, I’m hoping on a second watch I’ll fully give myself up to completely loving it and give it that 9/10, but I still kinda loved this nevertheless. One of the best films of the year and will definitely have a spot in my top 15 of the year.

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