Lamb ★★★★

Lamb a such an effective minimalist horror, you'd be forgiven for thinking it is a straight drama. Yet the ending is so shocking, so jarring, it made me gasp out loud in the theater; it is unquestionably a horror film. Iceland is stunningly beautiful, with gorgeous shots throughout showcasing the landscape, and impressive visual effect to boot.
Maria and Ingvar are a childless couple who one day discover one of their ewes has birthed a lamb quite different from the others. They decide to adopt the precious lamb and name her Ada.
This is a fairly small cast, with only 3 major speaking roles and the lamb child taking up the bulk of the narrative. It's not a film for everyone, as it is rather slow paced, and some may find the payoff after an hour and a half of melodrama not worthwhile. But to those dedicated enough you will be treated with chilling fable that is a feast for the eyes.

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