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Cult, sci-fi, horror, thriller, noir, grindhouse, arthouse and world cinema.

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  • Tenebre



    "The impulse had become irresistible. There was only one answer to the fury that tortured him. And so he committed his first act of murder. He had broken the most deep-rooted taboo, and found not guilt, not anxiety or fear, but freedom. Any humiliation which stood in his way could be swept aside by the simple act of annihilation: Murder."

    Tenebrae heralded Dario Argento's return to the straight-ahead giallo genre with which he made his name and also featured a…

  • The Case of the Scorpion's Tail

    The Case of the Scorpion's Tail


    This convoluted Sergio Martino giallo misses out on the living oil painting that is Edwige Fenech and is marred by a laughably cheesy model aircraft explosion. Nonetheless, it still holds up well amid the prolific director's other entries in the genre.

    Stylish camerawork, beautiful location shooting in London and Athens, suspenseful setpieces worthy of Dario Argento, and a graphic eye-gouging that surely inspired Lucio Fulci all add up to a lively, entertaining affair.

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  • Carrie



    "They're all going to laugh at you."

    If Stanley Kubrick's The Shining is the best of the Stephen King horror adaptations, Carrie comes a close second.

    Sissy Spacek is sensational as the titular Carrie, a painfully shy adolescent girl who is the victim of both the unrelenting abuse of most of her high school peers, and the overbearing religious fanaticism of Margaret (Piper Laurie), a mother who makes Norma Bates look well-balanced by comparison.

    However, it's Brian De Palma's direction…

  • Da 5 Bloods

    Da 5 Bloods



    Spike Lee's latest (a Netflix Original) takes a retrospective look at the Vietnam War from an African-American perspective.

    As ever with Lee, there's potent political messaging aplenty here - but also some genuinely touching moments of character drama and an action-adventure thread running through it which has echoes of last year's Triple Frontier (which was also produced by Netflix). However, aside from one excruciatingly tense and gruesome sequence involving a minefield, the action-adventure aspects are the weakest elements. The…