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This review may contain spoilers.

Thank you JJ Abrams for making Star Wars awesome again.


I'll start by saying I am a massive Star Wars fan, I've been to 2 celebrations including Anaheim earlier this year, and I've waited in lines for Star Wars for probably a total of 3 days. I along with my family have dedicated an lot amount of time and money to Star Wars, and The Force Awakens was like a big thank you to me.

I though The Force Awakens was awesome.

Let's start with the good!
The characters in this movie are just excellent, well written, well acted and entertaining characters. John Boyega and Daisy Ridley are scene stealers, along with BB-8 and the much awaited original cast.

I want to marry Rey when I'm older, and I want to fight the First Order (or whats left) alongside Poe Dameron and Finn. Abrams and Kasdan have created an amazing new lineup of characters who parallel the originals. I loved watching them in this movie and I cannot wait to see them again (and some other characters, like Luke Skywalker)

Now let's talk about the atmosphere and action in this movie. It's awesome, it goes right back to the roots of Star Wars but expands on them with today's technology. The action scenes are flawless, both clear and gritty, and when storm troopers get shot... their armor is left scorched and they BLEED! The atmosphere also captures Star Wars near perfectly, although I would've liked to have seen some of the original planets and species. Nonetheless, they did an amazing job and making this feel and look like Star Wars.

Now, some of my favorite scenes and big reveals.
The final lightsaber duel in this movie was not only amazing, it was the best scene in the whole film. It sent a ton of shivers through my body, I was enjoying the hell out of it. When Rey understands what she is, that she is a Jedi, and then you see her defeat the psychologically injured Kylo Ren, I cheered both inside and out.
I just loved how well written the characters were, especially Kylo Ren being Ben Solo (we share the same name) and how he became a Sith was just perfect.

I loved how this story played out, and Lukes reveal at the end, although I wish we saw more of him, was perfect, and I'm sure it will play perfectly into Episode VIII.

The confrontation between Ren and Han Solo was nerve racking, you felt a lot for these characters and what they've been through, and Han's death is sad. Which leads to my first complaint.

Han's death wasn't as gut wrenching as I thought it should've been. I don't think it was personal because a lot of people agree with me, nonetheless it is an emotional and powerful scene for the Star Wars saga.

Another complaint, where the hell was captain Phasma? They advertised her quite a lot for this movie, and we didn't see her do, well really anything except say a few lines. I'm sure we will see her return, that is if she got off Starkiller Base... wait, did Kylo get off StarKiller Base? probably.

And my last complaint, I thought there was just a little too much comedy in here, which kind of through the emotions of some scenes off for me and took me out of the scene. But hey, at least 90% of the comedy in this movie actually worked, especially Han and Chewies, unlike the prequels.

This is the return to Star Wars I have been waiting for, both action packed and emotional, and it captures the feel of Star Wars magnificently. Even though it has some flaws and kind of rehashes the original storyline from New Hope, this movie is awesome and full of great things. I cannot wait for Episode VIII to hit theaters in May 2017, oh boy, the wait is on...