Ran ★★★½

When the story was first written it was not based upon Shakespeare's King Lear but during its writing it became a classic rendition of a story which resonates very strongly with the Samurai culture of pride, honour and dignity.

I had the pleasure of seeing Nigel Hawthorne play King Lear at the Royal Shakespeare Company, the reason I mention it was that the play was performed with a backdrop of Japanese 'No Theatre'. The auditorium was over 50% occupied by Japanese tourists. In the play at Stratford the fool (not a character in Japanese culture) was in that performance Japanese actor and the play was set to haunting Japanese music.

Unlike King Lear we are looking the Samurai Lord and his three sons rather than the three daughters

This film is excellent but the Japanese style of shouting at each other takes away some of the dramatic effect

Tremendous well choreographed battle scenes

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