Chris Thomason

Chris Thomason

Favorite films

  • Valerie and Her Week of Wonders
  • 2001: A Space Odyssey
  • There Will Be Blood
  • Paris, Texas

Recent activity

  • Three on a Meathook


  • Asylum of Satan


  • Burial Ground


  • Rats: Night of Terror


Recent reviews

  • Seven Blood-Stained Orchids

    Seven Blood-Stained Orchids


    Diving more into the giallo works by Umberto Lenzi is like having a "mystery grab-bag" experience as my exploration keeps getting better upon my viewing with one title after another, and Seven Blood-Stained Orchids (1972) is a good example on what Lenzi's capable in telling his mysteries. Spasmo (1974) had me left somewhat neutral, Orgasmo (1969) had me left officially stunned, and now this: Seven Blood-Stained Orchids knows how to keep a good murder mystery rolling (with style) while guessing…

  • Macumba Sexual

    Macumba Sexual


    You know it's a Jess Franco film when it comes to his usual endless amounts of non-stop sexuality, extremity, (the up-close camerawork) & weirdness spread all over on whether genre he tackled (from vampires to prison) throughout his filmmaking career. A name still not unknown to most cult cinephiles, but there's plenty from his filmography that hasn't been much discovered or evaluated as for this title being one of those I've recently watched: Macumba Sexual (1981). There isn't too much in…

Popular reviews

  • The Beyond

    The Beyond


    Always loved this one the best out of his filmography in general, as it served a brilliant follow-up to City of the Living Dead (1980). He created a truly-entertaining masterwork of both mystery & macabre into hell, featuring a host of zombies, killer tarantulas, a blind girl named Emily (with her pet dog), and other strange happenings within a haunted hotel. So get ready to experience some crazy gore & ghoulish scares crafted with Gianetto De Rossi's special effects & Fabio Frizzi's hauntingly…

  • Bloody Moon

    Bloody Moon


    What happens when Jess Franco attempts to join in the "slasher genre" bandwagon? Bloody Moon (1981) is that answer. This was a decent first-time viewing for me while it still has some crazy kills with a little set of mildly-confusing plot twists that ended up on the infamous list of "video nasties" (which we all know that). Honestly, I preferred his usual style over this title (he's always a hit or miss for me).