Eternals is the worst Marvel Movie ever made- here's why.

Before we go further, understand that every Marvel Movie is held to the Marvel Standard. If you don't like it, sorry- it's impossible to view any Marvel movie without the backdrop of previous great Marvel achievements. That's the primary reason we're giving Eternals 1 star: compared to Marvel's own brilliant standard, Eternals misses by a mile.

The number one issue with Eternals is the story. The story just doesn't make sense, it doesn't add up, & doesn't bridge from End Game the way fans are expecting. The story of the Eternals, how they come down to protect Earth but have always been here, is lazy.

Given the story itself lacks so much, it leads a fantastic ensemble & phenomenal director down a dead end. There are no endearing performances from any of the great actors & it feels like Chloe Zhao is directing a movie she doesn't really believe in.

The diversity is so, so appreciated. We love the representation & hope it continues. But the actual pieces of the film- the story itself- simply do not hold water.

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