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  • The Man Who Killed Don Quixote

    The Man Who Killed Don Quixote


    I enjoyed a lot these 2+ hours of Looney-Tunes-energy Adam Driver falling off things and getting hit in the face with a smidgen of song and dance and an insanely charismatic (and delusional) Jonathan Pryce. Obviously kudos to finally getting this film made, too bad Gilliam had to self-sabotage and crap on his own legacy with his shitty opinions.

  • High Life

    High Life


    Definitely filing this one under "didn't totally work for me but liked a lot of what was going, am glad I saw it and am DEFINITELY glad it exists."

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  • The Bride of Frankenstein

    The Bride of Frankenstein


    One of the most amazing prologues ever put to film with an over-the-top Byron and the Shelleys hamming it up during a storm. I think the film would have more emotional impact if I had a relationship with it as a child, but it holds up in its historical context and for contemporary audiences as a dark, zippy little number about man’s hubris and hatred and love’s inevitable disillusionment.

  • Possession



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    A bloody bacchanal of marital dissolution and primal body horror. The second act is a little baggy, but overall the film is exhilarating. Often incoherent and incomprehensible, but isn't that kind of the point?