Stop Making Sense

Stop Making Sense ★★★★

Not sure I buy into the idea that there is a narrative lurking away in the background, but this is still a phenomenal piece of work that rightly deserves the claim as best concert movie ever made. Jonathan Demme's real genius here is letting each member of the band have their own space to breathe. David Byrne may be an enigmatic presence we can't pull our eyes away from (especially when dancing), but Demme's camera often does, showing each member of the band tackling their respective instrument at some point during each song in the setlist. It draws attention to each element of the music's composition, whether it is keyboards, samba drums or bass- every little detail brought attention to just by highlighting it for a few seconds. Each track is richly textured and it is incredibly easy to appreciate each element of the composition without sounding pretentious for calling attention to it, all thanks to how casually Demme includes every band member's performance. It is audio and visual elements in perfect sync.

You only see a concert film this accomplished once in a lifetime. I am very sorry about the pun.