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  • Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter

    Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter


    Hoop-tober 3.0
    Other reviews: #1

    The 4th film in a rather disjointed series, Friday the 13th The Final Chapter was what a Halloween 2.5 would have been. The closing down of one chapter to open another that goes in a new direction. While Friday part 5 would suffer the same fate with fans as H3, part 4 has quite a bit going for it.

    Picking up the morning after part 3, it doesn’t really break any new ground, but it…

  • Terror Train

    Terror Train


    Hoop-tober film #2

    Roger Spottiswoode's tight little 80's thriller features Jamie Lee Curtis, mid-horror-marathon, and a lovely small role for Oscar winner Ben Johnson. The who-done-it aspect isn't terribly hard to figure out but T.Y. Drakes script does throw a couple of fun red herrings into the mix. Inventive and incredible cinematography from John Alcott elevates the film above many of its' contemporaries as does the little twist to the ending.

    Although Spottiswoode would later find some success with several…

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  • In Search of Darkness: Part III

    In Search of Darkness: Part III


    The last is the longest. It jumps around a bit, but covers a lot and moves along pretty quickly. Easily the best overall non film specific segments. Looking forward to marathoning all 3, soon.

  • Is That Black Enough for You?!?

    Is That Black Enough for You?!?


    My favorite film of the year, so far.

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  • Night of the Living Dead

    Night of the Living Dead


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Dear 1968:

    We made a film that has the following:

    -Female protagonist.
    -Whoops! Now an African-American protagonist.
    -It is in black & white.
    -It's all in one night! All in one one house!
    -We wait forever to even kind of tell you what's going on
    -People eat other people! You even get to see it!
    -Women die!
    -Kids die!
    -Kids kill their folks!
    -Brothers kill sisters!
    -Wait, everyone dies!
    -Whatever was happening has no conclusion!

    Please enjoy our film,

    George A.…

  • Fast Times at Ridgemont High

    Fast Times at Ridgemont High


    Life Lessons for Adolescents by Cameron Crowe

    -If you want your money back, there is a form to fill out
    -All the Action is in the food court
    -If a boy says anything remotely funny, laugh like you've never laughed before
    -There will be no eating in class
    -No shirt, no shoes, no dice
    -Do your own business on your own time but.......
    -....if we're together, it's OUR time
    -Ask for your waitress's phone number as part of your food…