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This review may contain spoilers.

"Are you alright? I've never seen a guy get picked up by his testicles before."

All week long, going into this holiday weekend, I safely assumed this was sitting on my little spindle shelf. I even casually mentioned to my coworker early in the workweek that I couldn't wait to cozy up and "pop it in" during the coming weekend. So when I finally reached for it tonight and realized it wasn't there, I actually yelled and stomped my feet, ha. My annual to biennial disc weed outs are usually 97% necessary and not regretted, but every once in a while, for whatever silly reason or highly flawed logic, I make a big mistake with a title and have to re-purchase - and this was definitely one of those. On the upside, I'm currently subscribed to Paramount+ - and this gave me a chance to go ahead and buy the new 4K disc released just this month. So yay for that, at least!

Growing up, this movie wasn't really a routine annual re-watch for me, in the same way A Christmas Story was. I know that it was on TV a lot, and I saw it several times, both during and outside of Thanksgiving. But I never really saw it as an all-time favorite of mine, until maybe the last five years or so when I started becoming incredibly moved by John Candy's performance - and also insanely appreciative of and nostalgic for goofy/animated gag humor in live action comedies.

What always surprises me about this - because it's something I just keep forgetting - is how relatively early in the film and in their adventure, the two characters have their nasty blow-out moment in their hotel room (within the first 30m). It's a fascinating plotting/writing decision and I'm not quite sure I can articulate/explain why it works so well where it's placed, because it really feels like it shouldn't work - but damn, it does. Something about the fact that they survive that moment, just makes you more comfortable and less tense - and then you're fully on board for the rest of the very hilarious ride.

That observation aside, I have to say - even after dozens of viewings now - the entire 'going the wrong way' car/highway sequence is still one of the goddamn funniest things I've ever seen - in any comedy. That moment when they slide between the two trucks, and turn into skeletons, quickly followed by Candy turning into a maniacally laughing devil just fills me with pure joy and feeds my soul. It will never not be hilarious.

I love this movie so damn much, I want to hug it. I can't wait for the new disc to arrive so that I can add it to my shelf, where it belongs. It will never be weeded out again. 🥰

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