Malignant ★★★

malignant is the kind of thing i want from horror now, not this heavy self-serious stuff (empty man innocent tho) that hits the same beats & rhythms. a lot of wan's style is not something i normally take to bc it's so aggressively of the *now*, but the thing is that he knows what he's doing & is itching to pop off, which, holy shit, he DOES. good for him (& us). outrageous. would love it if it were like 15 minutes tighter & if digital zooms during conversations weren't a thing (it's atrocious), & while the last third is just no holds barred in the best way, it's also when the movie settles down into Intangible Sludge territory most often. love the giallo beats. & love that this felt refreshing & unhinged

also loved the extended Next of Kin shoutout with that wonderfully intricate overhead shot


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