Dog Day Afternoon

Dog Day Afternoon ★★★★★

Sidney Lumet’s Dog Day Afternoon is an unexpected, satirical, darkly comedic true story about a bank heist gone wrong. The tale is hilarious at times - while suddenly out of nowhere the mood changes into an unnerving and unforeseeable risky situation. The use of a single setting never gets boring, and we see evolutions throughout each and every character as more is revealed about them.

Al Pacino as Sonny is fantastic, (he always plays crazy people really well) his response to all the crazy situations presented to him have really helped  Sonny gather a cult following. Sal (played by John  Cazale) is scared and delusional, and seems to be sweating throughout the whole movie. He is honestly the perfect guy for supporting roles.

Lumet’s directing skills can be seen loud and clear here - with strong evidence to show that many filmmakers would not be able to adapt the story this well or even direct the script to anything of this quality. His deeply satirical take on the police departments overreactions and mishandling of certain situations feels strong and believable.

Dog Day Afternoon is as "New York" as anything by Martin Scorsese or Woody Allen, and is extremely underrated. Definitely recommend.

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