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I figured I may actually write out a quick little review for this. I was forreal starting to think that I was gonna have to wait all the way until September of this year for a movie that was really gonna knock my socks off. There’s been plenty of great movies that I’ve seen this year but I’ve yet to see one that really just blows me away and makes me be like dang. Avengers was great, Us was really good, The Dirt was a masterpiece, but Midsommar was the first movie I think I’ve seen this year where I was like ohh yeah boiiii. I know that doesn’t really mean anything but idk how to put it into words other than that.
This was just crazy though. Top notch performances all around. The only thing I’ve seen Florence Pugh in was the WWE movie that came out earlier this year, which I loved and she was good in, but idk I was just surprised at how good she was in this. 
This movie was just so weird and uncomfortable bruh. But also pretty funny in parts. When that eyebrow dude pulled out his vape I couldn’t help but laugh 😂 
Here’s a bunch of random little thoughts I have about the movie:
Looks beautiful 
Shot great
Music was dopeskenejwbekdnd 
Better than hereditary 
Opening made me feel weird. But there was something about the way the camera went out into the snow and the opening credits started rolling that just gave me goosebumps. I just got that feeling that Ari Aster was about to drop some 🔥 modern horror on the good people of planet Earf. And he did. He sure did. Yes sir.
But this was just really good. Everything all worked together so well to just make this crazy pagan cult movie that felt like a dream/nightmare, but also had so many other deep things in it that creates the exact opposite of a conventional horror movie. 

Sometimes I forget that the majority of people who are not horror fans are put off and scared by some of the movies that I find fun and comforting and don’t even scare me a bit. But every now and then I need to see a ‘Midsommar’ to remind me that I am not immune to horror movies. 

This is not a movie I will throw on at a sleepover, or watch on a car ride, or throw on if I’m a little board on a week night 😂 To me, this movie was really disturbing and uncomfortable. It’s not like 95% of the horror movies that I love and watch. Idk if anyone else felt that way about it, but I sure did! But as a horror fan since elementary school, and someone who’s envious of other generations for witnessing milestones in horror, I couldn’t be happier to have been alive and seen this thing in the theater. 
Pretty cool to witness a classic years before it will even be considered a classic imo 😮
If I wasn’t clear in my review, I thought this movie was amazing 👍😀😀

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