The Green Knight

The Green Knight ★★★★½

The enchanted green belt stays ON during sex 😤

Loved seeing this on the big screen. Incredible sound design. Beautiful, low light cinematography that might not play as well at home. Dev Patel is a star. 

Fascinating as a work of adaptation. Lowery isn’t just filling in the negative space of the original poem. He’s actively challenging and recontextualizing it. The first clue is the film using several fonts to introduce the title. This is an amalgam of many versions, translations, and interpretations of this tale. I would so far as to say this works as a revision alongside the originals; like a lost take rediscovered from the 1400s. I can’t spoil the experience, but it leads to the best ending of the year so far.

The clash of paganism and old Christianity is a rich theme here. Rarely do we see the lineage of one bleed into the other. Christianity is hugely important to these characters, but it is not yet in a recognizable form compared to modern religion. That gray space  leads to fantastical obstacles and brutal moral dilemmas. I can’t wait to watch again and peel back the layers.