Nope ★★★★

If I had to describe director Jordan Peele (Get Out, Us) newest film in 10 words or less, it would be this. Ambitious and don’t go expecting the obvious. 
Nope tells the story of a brother and sister who own a ranch and horses when they witness what appears to be a flying saucer, a UFO if you will, that keeps coming back to their ranch and causing havoc. Things begin to spiral out of control once they realize the truth and it’ll become more than just capturing it on camera, but about survival.
The movies that come to mind when thinking of this are Signs and Jaws. No spoilers here but once you discover what’s going on, your thought process of this film will completely do a 360 and make you have a wow factor for the rest of the film. The direction by both Peele and cinematography Hoyt Van Hoytema (Dunkirk, Interstellar) is so beautiful that it made me think at times they shot a western film and I DUG that. 
The acting from all of our leads were great. Daniel Kaluuya returns as our main lead and along for the ride are Keke Palmer and Brandon Pera. 
I’ll say the first 20-25mins of the film is a bit slow and you might begin to ask yourself where this is going but just hang on, it’ll come at you at high speeds and then you’re in for a rollercoaster all the way through. Its intense as hell, especially in IMAX with it’s ear popping sound and shots that make your jaw drop. The final 20mins is so good that I was on the edge of my seat. It’s a summer blockbuster that I was NOT expecting to go down the way I thought it was and that’s one of the reasons this film rocks! It’s totally ambitious and it deserves to be seen on the biggest screen.
Jordan is 3 for 3. Another hit, I can not WAIT to see his filmmaking career continue cause I’m all in, heck I was all in for Us but now there’s no going back.

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