Zodiac ★★★★½

I'm a little late getting into the Halloween spirit, I don't know whats going on in the new world of horror but id love to find out. I'm mainly going through my backlog.

I just watched this again and I think there three 'modern' serial killer classics. Se7en, Silence of the Lambs, and then this.

It's a wonderful procedural, it's chillingly horrific at times and its endlessly fascinating because this is one of our highest profile murderers that was never caught. The killings are merciless, and even though I'm mainly immune to this, Fincher's camera makes my skin crawl. The lake death scene? Fuck you. More interesting than that in this story , is the people who were tracking him and why.

Great director, ominously appropriate soundtrack, wonderful ambiguity, phenomenal cast. I can't remember a more recent, better film on the subject.

Questions left unanswered... It made me think of the JFK conspiracy. No one really has the one right answer but it's fun to put your own thoughts together based on the information. A puzzle. The main character in this likes puzzles and was drawn into the investigation. How far into a puzzle will you go before you put yourself and your loved ones in harm's way?

Whoever the Zodiac was, it seems he felt the heat was on and , unlike other killers,was able to abort. OR maybe he went grocery shopping one day and got hit by a bus. No one knows. One thing is for sure. A brutal killer unsolved in endlessly more terrifying than one we know of in captivity. No closure. The fact that people can get away with it scares us.

In a time where mass shootings are all the rage, the serial killer seems to be a thing of the past. Too much surveillance, its tough. But when anyone hears that people are being picked off quietly....one by one. It sends fear through the population. It could be "anyONE" not anyWHERE". Don't we have faith in our law enforcements to prevent this. No. Protect us? Also no.

People like the Zodiac will always be there waiting to get you. Only now, they are gonna got caught quicker. This movie is a brilliant capsule of time in which that was not the case. When the system does not work for you. Can not stop it. Does it usually work out? Maybe. But not always. There are always going to be unstable individuals and we can all only hope that we don't cross their paths on the wrong day. It will keep happening. Only in different forms.

Happy Halloween

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