• Parasite


    someone else wsnts my name,

    bye i guess

    slap, steve, the bitch with the shit...….cra


    love you alll!

  • Blue Is the Warmest Color

    Blue Is the Warmest Color


    Thank God!

    Finally there is a film made of two people, and I, two...people," of no significant gender coming together. The entire louvre of the oeuvre is about sensuality, passion and love. A touch can mean a milestone. A caress, a chasm. A Slight, an abyss and a kiss a world of infinite possibilities.

    Two women, Inextricably drawn to together in a situation which has no sense of them. An endearing flirtation, championed by Spielberg at Cannes. Destroyed by James…

  • Skin



    Jamie Bell, i liked you prancing around as Billy Elliot
    I did.

    I liked you as a sadist in Nymphomaniac. You especially.

    But this movie was tame. Was it you or are you no Edward Norton.

    Vera Farminga was good and could've done more

    You are American History PG-13

  • The Devil Next Door

    The Devil Next Door

    Is he a Nazi war criminal or isn't he?
    This documentary lets you be the judge.

    But I think the real question is, "If you knew there was an infamous war criminal of the gas chambers living next door to you, would you call someone to go through the law , or just go have a little fun with the fucker when the family was out?"

    Israel knows their answer!

  • Terminator: Dark Fate

    Terminator: Dark Fate

    So here's what I really thought of this piece of shit and I don't care who it pisses off.

    Linda Hamilton is absolutely horrible and that's just a collaboration of everything coming from of her head and out of her mouth with the people who wrote it trying to make it funny, tough or cool or neither.

    Arnolds even worse. Didn't he fuck his maid or something? why is he a fem icon?

    Hey I have an idea, lets emasculate…

  • Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

    Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood


    Ive been suspicious of Tarantino for a bit. He hits and he doesn't.
    he wants to fuck feet
    He got big actors in this.
    He worships feet more than the area.
    He's Q...……..
    but his talent is getting anyone to get there and show there feet.
    clever dialogue.
    senseless violence

    tarantino out of ideas havin fune

    something new? why we like you?

  • Joker


    When i saw who was going to direct this, my heart plummeted further down than anything i cared about in the first place. I did not care for that comedy franchise.

    When I heard who filled the shoes, I became interested again as i think Phoenix is one of a handful of our best working American actors today.

    I thought all the same shit, Jack Nicholson set a bar a comic and quirky perfection. Then Ledger killed it. He broke…

  • Terminator: Dark Fate

    Terminator: Dark Fate


    I don't know if people were starved for more of this franchise.
    if so, I am not amongst you as I missed a couple of the previous exposition points.

    I hated it. There was not a single interesting idea that I saw from start to finish, They are running out of gimmicks for the Terminator. He was a robot. He could be liquid metal. He's a FUCK OFF.

    actons scenes....ehhhh

    I cant say quit it anymore. The levees are broke.…

  • Bohemian Rhapsody

    Bohemian Rhapsody


    Herse what I thought.

    youre my best friend
    you make me feel so good

    I just want somebody to love even if they are fat bottomed girls while ride my bicycle.
    here we are are. born to be kings. were the pricnes of the universe.

    i have inside me me blood of kings.


    fuck yall. he deserved a moive.

    radio gaga


    no one can be mercury. at least it was tried. it was deserverved.

  • Annihilation



    From its opening moments until its psychedelic credit sequence, its a film we see far too seldom. Something truly original in every way and asks t the question we ask ourselves each day? What is out there?
    A comet. A shimmer. Mysterious.
    Some one was trying something new here and wanted us to listen.
    All women were answering in the plot where all men fell. It’s a feminist film and that’s probable as a man would not may be the…

  • Planet Earth

    Planet Earth


    ok so they got me on this one. this shit is impressive I get it. its big and lots of thing do lots of things. goats and shit. I need 3
    im comimg back

  • Apostle



    For the first half of this film I was pretty sure I was loving it. The second half made me decide it was okay but more importantly, peculiar.

    The performance choice from the leading man is confusing to me, which is what started taking me out of this. He looks constipated the whole time no matter the context. I guess he is good at starring widely and blankly into space with pretty eyes and they just rolled with that. It…