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  • The Russian Five

    The Russian Five

    it is a talking heads sports doc so that means it is inherently Not Good, but there are some things of interest:

    1) It is pretty wild that no one to my knowledge has actually made an interesting video series/documentary on the history of Russian players moving to the NHL. It is incredibly interesting! Get on Jon Bois on it or something!

    2) I grew up an Avalanche fan (lived in BC but loved Roy (also loved the rest of…

  • Full Alert

    Full Alert


    Wikipedia has a quote stating "The action scenes in Full Alert are all real and were shot secretly without a shooting permit in the streets of Hong Kong.".

    This makes some sense since most of the car chases happen with quite a bit of cutting and vehicles only moving erratically in short bursts. A lot of the times a car will also block the view suddenly by getting between the camera and the action, which makes everything seems more lively…

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  • Mad Max: Fury Road

    Mad Max: Fury Road


    Fury Road has a better sense of friction and feel then most video games. I don't mean that in the way the set pieces function, or some"crazy video game driving and fighting".

    It's in the tracing of symbols on the cab interior. The cowcatcher (vehicle catcher?) lowering into the sand. The sand slowly shifting as Max awakens.

    Or how about the details in costume, prop and set design? Lovingly poured over and thought out with an incredibly sharp sense of…

  • Ace Attorney

    Ace Attorney


    My vote for the best intro into Miike's filmography (though I haven't seen a lot) as it demonstrates his incredible ability to remain formally precise despite switching tones completely. Ace Attorney is also quite brilliant in how intelligently it incorporates the video games into the film. The court room as dramatic play. The static animations (editing of von Karma at the end). Wright's antics. The stupid questions you can ask and how it pisses everyone off (So that would make…