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  • Viva Las Vegas

    Viva Las Vegas


    I guess I was expecting an Elvis movie to be formulaic, but this felt a bit excessive. With the exception of the Rusty, the love interest portrayed by Ann-Margaret, all they important players introduce themselves with a description of who they are. And I assume the only reason they don't do this for Rusty is so they can go on a Vegas tour in the next scene. Because at the end of the day, this movie is not just a…

  • Sexy Beast

    Sexy Beast


    Ray Winstone is perfect as Gal. Ben Kingsley is so fun, manic and downright scary. I assume anyone Ian McShane looks in the eyes starts to cry. I can't imagine how hard it must be to get a cup of coffee. And Frank from Donnie Darko before he moved across the pond and got all LA. So young!
    Yeah, Sexy Beast is shot well too. You want some beautiful framing? Of course you do. You want underwater scenes? No…

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  • The Daytrippers

    The Daytrippers


    I haven't seen more sexual chemistry in a movie than the sparks that fly between Liev Schreiber and Anne Meara.
    A very cute movie that, it seemed to me, revolved around the obligations we have to our families and to ourselves. A crazily stacked cast where everyone is on their game. I will probably watch this every year alone in my parents' house during the holidays hoping earnestly that no one will find me.

  • Demonlover



    I think I liked this movie...? It's hard to tell. When I try to sum it up concisely I can't help but think it's a bunch of people vying for money and power around Rule 34.
    The technique of the film is certainly solid. The shakey, up-close camerawork helps to escalate the tension of what starts out as office espionage. Assayas pairs this with a script that contains perhaps too many layers of deception. At a certain point I felt…