Promising Young Woman ★★★½

There are some things I really liked and it’s obviously an incredibly entertaining movie... but should a rape film be entertaining? Should a rape film be hilarious? Should it be so satisfying? It does SOMETHING that the lawyer’s life and peace of mind are ruined too, and it does SOMETHING that she has to sacrifice her life for this. But I can’t help but feel like it should have left us feeling a little sadder, a little more unsatisfied, a little fucked up at the end, because what happened here is so tragic. I also feel weirdly about the choice to include the rom com trope of the black girlfriend and then have that character be played by a black trans women. This film is about violence on white women, and part of the parable is limiting it to that. But Laverne Cox’s character immediately reminds me that the vast majority of victims of rape are black trans women. Stylistically and structurally, however, I find it fascinating that they would choose to include so many rom com tropes, constantly tricking us into thinking we can evade the trauma and tragedy that has been wrought upon Nina and Cassie’s lives. Ultimately, it’s probably a really important film. I think it might even be useful to those crowds of middle aged people who still don’t quite get what’s been going on. But does it help us figure out what to do about it? Or explain how woefully underprepared we are as a society to deal with this? Because the police don’t actually come in to save the day because they are PART of the problem, so what then? The fantasy this proposes is unfulfillable. Idk man. Everyone else I watched it with was deeply affected and I guess I sort of am too. 
Also looks like it’s a 2015 period piece.

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