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  • Cheech & Chong's Next Movie

    Cheech & Chong's Next Movie


    April 2021 - "Marijuana ... but why?": 5/15

    A little meandering compared to the first and more plot-driven Cheech & Chong movie, but it saves itself from a lower rating with a perfectly ridiculous ending. While Up in Smoke holds together better as movie, the characters are a little bit more fully realized here and the dialogue is a lot wittier. Somehow it’s fitting for a Cheech & Chong movie to be so unfocused, with dozens of random subplots that go absolutely nowhere.

  • Samurai Cop

    Samurai Cop


    If you are confused about why I gave this a five star review, I want to reassure you that I do not think this is a good movie. It’s not, it’s truly, awful in a very bizarre and specific way, as if it were made by an alien who has never seen real humans interact. I know Tommy Wiseau gets all the “so bad it’s good” publicity, and there are a lot of similarities between this and The Room, but…

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  • Lemonade Joe

    Lemonade Joe


    Film School Drop Outs - Weekly Challenge 2021

    Week 15: Auteur - Oldřich Lipský

    Well, this was a wild ride. There are a handful of jokes that don't age super well; even if it is meant satirically, rape jokes and blackface are still tough asks for me. That said, this movie is both an homage and a deconstruction of silent era pulp serial Western genre conventions, and I am all here for its weird and subversive sense of humor. Plus the whole thing is shot and edited with incredible style. It's like Blazing Saddles by way of Godard.

  • Godzilla



    Film School Drop Outs - Weekly Challenge 2021

    Week 14: Composer - Akira Ifukube

    He’s King of the Monsters for a reason. While I do enjoy the campy sci-fi excess and silliness that comes to define many of the later Godzilla movies, the somewhat low-key and mournful horror tone of the original let’s it stand out heads and shoulders above the rest.