Hubie Halloween β˜…β˜…Β½

πŸ—£Y’ALL ARE SO MEAN. This is not Adam Sandler’s Oscar Snub Revenge Film, it was shot before that!! This is Adam Sandler having some spooky fun with all his friends!! LET HIM HAVE FUN!!!Β 

I cannot believe I kind of enjoyed a movie by a director of Movie 43. But I did. Adam Sandler and his friends are just so clearly having the best time here, it’s genuinely wholesome to see and feels impossible to actually hate. Especially in a year where we had actual, genuinely terrible films like 365 Days being released. The jokes are almost all super dumb, but I still found myself laughing at times.Β 

Hubie Halloween lucks out on releasing at a time where the world is so starved for even a second of joy, that this definitely lands better than it normally would have. I also think this is arguably Happy Madison’s best Netflix original.Β 

And Steve Buschemi is downright darling here. God, I hope he had a great time. He deserves it.Β 

Happy Halloween, Hubie. Thank you for trying to save 2020.Β 

9/31 of my October 2020 Halloween Watches :)Β 

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